Red Deer First Aid
and CPR Training

First Aid saves lives. On any given day, in any setting, millions of people across the country require first aid assistance. Put the confidence and knowledge into the hands of your team, students, or family so that one day, they might make a difference for someone in the case of a medical emergency.

First aid training is for so much more than workplace safety. Injuries around the home are equally as common. Having this knowledge as a parent, babysitter, employee, or facility operator is crucial to addressing situations in a calm and rational approach that results in the affected party receiving minor or major treatment in an effective and timely manner. 

Safety First
is Safety Always.

Course Info

Each course includes instruction and hands-on practice in:

  • Environmental safety awareness and prevention
  • How to be prepared for common injuries and ailments
  • Emergency scene assessment and task delegation
  • Questions to ask in an emergency
  • Communication with response teams
  • Standard first aid for the home, workplace and school
  • CPR and resuscitation

Enhanced programs available:

  • CPR and AED training
  • Enhanced First Aid
group of people with instructor performing cpr on dummy during first aid training

Upcoming Courses

No courses currently scheduled. Please call (403)307-2321 for future availability or to book a private group class.

Empowering every Albertan with the skills they need to be prepared for an emergency is our mission; because you never know when you might be the person who can save a life.